Surged Global is used by a wide variety of professionals around the world who are united by a serious commitment to make things happen and produce results. Whether it be finding other like-minded professionals, potential business partners, entrepreneurs, non-profit partners, specialized consultants, academics, policy experts, financiers, top-tier employment opportunities or enhancing their own personal income, the majority of our members are smart, aggressive, educated, and driven, with clear goals in mind.

Although Surged Global recognizes the value in short term need based connections, unlike other business networking websites, our platform is designed with long-term relationships in mind. This makes Surged Global perfect for people who know what they want, have ideas in place, and are eagerly looking for a streamlined, supportive experience. This includes busy professionals, executives and talented job seekers who are short on time and those with specific business or work interests in a particular city, country or region. There are professionals of varying ages, demographics, nationalities, industries and skillsets looking to connect on our platform making Surged Global one of the best professional social media sites.

Surged Global offers three membership options: Basic (free), Surged Global Premium and Surged Global Executive. In order to take full use of the site's features and make firm and valuable connections, we recommend becoming an advanced member.

Connecting the world through online platforms has come a long way in the past few years and is rapidly becoming the method of choice for job seekers, professionals and executives alike. But, how does one choose between a free platform and one that offers more? At Surged Global we offer both a free taste of our site and dedicated advanced services for those serious about their professional and financial goals. Discover here which membership is right for you.


When you sign up for a Surged Global free account, you’ll be invited to answers some matching questions based on what’s most important to you, which helps us clearly understand what you are looking for. You’ll be able to create a profile, answer matching questions, make connections to expand your network, view the professional headline and identity of other Users and potential matches, view what other Users are looking for and send up to five (5) messages per month for free - a great way to discover if Surged Global is right for you.


Of course, if you’re serious about your goals and professional endeavors, you’ll naturally be looking to commit more of yourself and your resources to the process. After all, serious entrepreneurs and professionals know that there are investments to be made in business and in life. This is where totally free platforms can be challenging - all too often you’ll find that you are the only dedicated one in a sea of flakes. Surged Global offers the chance to upgrade to our Premium and Executive service precisely because this is so common. This is our way to offer serious-minded individuals a means and opportunity to go the extra mile to achieve their goals. Ready to take that extra step? Try Surged Global today or read on to discover more of our Premium & Executive advantages.

As a Premium or Executive member you have access to a number of extra features. Alongside the ability to view the full profile of all Users and build your own Surged Global business, you will also be able to send and receive unlimited messages, receive more match suggestions, obtain a “Verified” status, receive confirmation of read messages and browse invisibly if and when you choose. Surged Global is committed to doing everything possible to help our serious-minded members identify, map and take advantage of new opportunities in the ever-changing world market.

Surged Global Premium

  • $39 per month

Surged Global Executive

  • $49 per month

Surged Global is dedicated to providing a comfortable, professional, upscale and safe online environment for its members and works hard to ensure security is not a concern. While our security systems make us a world-class platform for professionals alike, we also offer all Executive members the opportunity to ‘prove’ that their identity is consistent with their profile. This identity verification process takes place upon Executive membership sign up via Facebook authentication and our global electronic interface portal system partner. Obtaining a "Verified” member status guarantees that the profile identity is genuine and that the related information is true, creating trust between members and making it safer in contact.

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